Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this license intended for?

Any developer(s) of open-source software who wish to protect their intellectual property rights, specifying the terms of usage for their work, while keeping their source available to the public for auditing and educational purposes.

How can this license protect my work?

The SAUCR License offers three forms of protection:

Copyright & Attribution

Ensures that the author of the work retains the full copyright, intellectual property rights, and patent rights for their work. Protects against consumers of the software attempting to claim those rights for themselves.

Specification of Derivative Works Permitted & Not Permitted

Allows the author to limit usage of their work specifically to prevent unauthorized or unintended usage.

Limitation of Liability

Protects the author against claims of liability in the event of bugs and imperfections in the software.

Why was this license created?

The SAUCR License was created by CheatCode Software as the license for their open-source JavaScript framework, Joystick. When choosing a license for the framework, they realized that there were no options for a license that protects intellectual property rights, specifically stating how their software can and cannot be used, while keeping the source available for auditing and educational purposes.

Instead of choosing an existing, unsatisfactory license, they chose to write the SAUCR License and share it so that other open-source software authors could use it to protect their own work.